3. September, 2006 - Laboring?

A long weekend is a very good thing at this point. I’ve been feeling pretty tired and busy lately, and a chance to take a day or two and lounge around and recharge my batteries is pretty welcome. And with an extra day in the weekend, I actually had a chance to do that yesterday, rather than spending all day doing errands around the house. Might even get a chance to be a lazy bum again today, but the list of things I want to get done before the snow flies is already starting to nag at me.

In Saints news, they made the championship. They’ll be playing on Monday and Tuesday down in Fort Worth (which means we won’t see Shreveport in St. Paul at all this year) and then they’ll be back home for games on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday if needed. Which means that next weekend could be busy again. And then on September 22, the Oktoberfest up at Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit begins, which means at least one weekend will be planned with that.

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